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In our modern, affluent lifestyles we can see various products around us which contribute greatly to the development of Electronics and Science. Tecnet Co., Ltd is here to provide for your needs in the field of electronic parts and devices. Founded in 2002, Tecnet is still a relatively new company, but we handle a wide range of services from the design and production of electronic circuitry, electronic control devices and equipment to the distribution of semiconductors, electronic parts, etc. Additionally, as the general distributor of the world’s first ultra-compact and lightweight electromagnetic wave detection equipment Sencion, we offer the latest in electronic technology products. We sincerely hope to continue building trust and results moving forward, for each one of our products and services.

Tetsuya Maeda, CEO

Basic profile

Corporate Name Tecnet Co., Ltd.
Location 5-2-30 Iwatacho, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 578-0941 Japan
We moved our offices in June, 2009. *The new office is near the former location.
Representative Tetsuya Maeda, CEO
TEL / FAX TEL:+81-72-963-6291 / FAX:+81-72-963-6292
Establishment July 2002
Capital 3 million yen
Financing Bank Osaka Shinkin Bank, Aramoto Branch; Osaka City Shinkin Bank, Wakae-iwata Branch
Business Activities General distributor of underground, structural Detection radar Sencion; electronic parts development & sales, electronic circuit design, production and sales; electronic control devices/equipment design, production and sales; maintenance of karaoke machines, etc.
Business Operations Design, development, production, sales, maintenance Detection, leasing, etc. related to electronic devices. General distributor for Sencion ultra-light, portable radar Detection equipment.
Contract Companies Sumitomo Mitsubishi Trust Panasonic Finance, Co., Ltd.

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7 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Line “Wakaeiwata Station”